1. Event Website
    • Create, reorder or remove pages easily
    • Visual content editor or fine tune the HTML
    • Upload images or files for download
  1. Custom Form
    • Configurable step by step form to colect registrations
    • Theme based - change the colors to match your event
    • Add new custom fields with validations as required
  1. Registration Types
    • Control registrations according to who they are
    • Assign diferent fields, services, stocks and prices
    • Define email messages according to type
  1. Services, Activities and Tickets
    • Sell your offering before or during the event
    • Group by categories, define prices and available stock
    • Powerful rules builder to customize dependencies
  1. Payments
    • Accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Multibanco or Bank Transfer
    • Use our pre-configured online gateways or your own solution
    • You can charge full price or a percentage up front
  1. Sessions Planner
    • Create rooms and place sessions in a calendar view
    • Add interventions and assign speakers
    • Adjust sessions quickly with drag, drop and resize

  1. Registrations
    • People can be allowed to change their own registration
    • Confirm registrations when a payment is approved
    • Import registrations from other sources into your event
  1. Personalized Listings
    • Build your own lists of registrations
    • Filter, order, add or move columns and save for quick access
    • Export the customize list in Excel or XML format
  1. Occupations
    • Detail statistics on service occupation
    • Stocks & Prices can be managed by date
    • Service is automaticaly blocked when stock ends
  1. Lodging
    • Create hotels, rooms & extras to control accommodations
    • Guests can choose their stays during registration
    • Private stays and rooms to assign directly to VIPs
  1. Automatic Emails
    • People receive an email with their full registration
    • Newsletters for global notifications
    • Personalize email messages in a visual content editor
  1. Event Dashboard
    • Backoffice landing page has an overview of the entire event
    • Check who is registering and the top occupations
    • At glance find out how much money is entering

  1. Balance
    • Easily find out the status of all payments
    • Use our estimated balance to plan your event accordingly
    • Check what payment methods are being used and who is using them
  1. Team Support
    • Don't manage the event alone, add users to help you
    • Create and assign user roles for different responsabilities
    • Roles can have very specific access permissions
  1. Accountability
    • Every user and registration gets a different credential
    • All operations are logged and easily searchable
    • You can verify who did what and when - no excuses
  1. Check In
    • Easy to use interface to search registrations during the event
    • Print badges, deliver event bags and assign services quickly
    • Interface will display custom warnings and pending registrations
  1. Badges
    • Configure the event badge: size, images and info
    • Badge can have info straight from the registration's file
    • Print and give badges before or during the event
  1. Statistics and Graphs
    • Real time info on operations performed during the event
    • Graphs displaying who is present
    • Export lists and print images to use in reports

  1. Access Control
    • Limit access to sessions to groups of registrations
    • Control the time each registration spend attending sessions
    • We provide logistics and tech support if required
  1. Localization
    • Several languages and currencies supported
    • Languages: English, French, Spanish & Portuguese
    • Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR & BRL
  1. Support
    • Inline technical support right from the backoffice
    • Our staff will always try their best to help or suggest alternatives
    • We provide account managers - talk to us
  1. Development
    • Free continuous development and automatic updates
    • Tailor our platform - help us improve by suggesting features
    • Our team is always trying to solve real world problems
  1. Certificates
    • Create multiple certificies to give to your participants
    • Automatic kiosk for self-service printing
    • Send digital certificates by email or make available for download
  1. Security
    • Your data will not be sold or shared with anyone
    • We value privacy and limit access to data
    • Servers backup daily, events autobackup on destructive actions
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